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How to choose right paint color for Your Bedroom?

A bedroom is a very personal space for your rest, relaxation and intimacy. The selection of a wall color serves as a reminder of what you want to feel in the room. Different room color ideas for bedroom showcases different feelings like calm, soothing, awake, alert or romantic.

There are some guidelines to remember when choosing paint colors for bedrooms.

Avoid feeling boxed in.

You don’t need to paint every wall in the same color. Idea of painting all walls in same color get more worse effect when the paint color is dark and room size is small.

Accent with Color

Choose an accent wall in bedroom to paint and paint the other remaining walls with lighter shade. Colors have a profound effect on mood so choosing the right shades for bedroom can determine the quality of sleep that one gets.

Emphasize length with color

If you have a narrow bedroom, paint one of the longer wall with brighter color to highlight the length of the room.

Light Colors

Use of light colors make a space look larger and darker colors make a bedroom appear smaller. Try to select light colors for your bedroom.

Ceiling Paint Color

Nowadays, interior designers and decorators lay a lot of emphasis on ceiling color designs while creating a perfect ambience in the bedroom. Invest time in selecting colors for ceilings as they can present beautiful combinations in modern bedrooms.

Right color choice

When it comes of selecting a color for bedroom, choosing the right elements that are aesthetically pleasing. It also helps in designing the style of the room, whether modern, rustic or minimal. The color palette of bedroom should be incredibly refined and sophisticated. It should be appealing to the senses of today’s homeowner.

Appealing to individual personality

The color of bedroom needs to strike a delicate balance between being cozy, warm, peaceful and stylish. Since, bedroom is home’s private space; it should reflect its owners’ taste and personality.

Innovative Ideas

Use an eclectic mix of colors to take advantage of every square meter so they can look chic, comfortable and luxurious. Applying innovative ideas and unique combination of colors to create modern bedrooms can inspire you to give a new look to your bedroom.

Feature Walls

Painting a feature wall in bedroom make it look attractive. Beautifully colored wall decors effortlessly attracts the attention of the viewer.