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Plumbing in Winnipeg: Finding and Hiring a Plumbing Professional

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Plumbers install and repair drainage and pipe systems in commercial and residential properties, as well as fixtures and appliances. Whether property owners have leaky faucets or bathroom remodels, having reliable professionals on their speed dial can save them a lot of money, time, and energy. 

With tons of national and local service providers out there to choose from, the process of finding and hiring a professional plumber for certain projects can be pretty intimidating. Like any contractors people hire, homeowners need to consider a couple of things before hiring professional plumbers. Homeowners need to learn more about the basic qualifications these professional needs to get the job done and the questions they need to ask to make sure they are choosing the right expert for their needs.

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Plumbing problems need a quick solution before homeowners run into more expensive issues. Winter temperatures can cause lines to freeze. It can lead to damage inside the property’s ceilings or walls. Backed-up sewer lines will make the toilet useless or damage the floor, as well as the foundation. 

These are some examples of why people should always have plumbers on their speed dial. But how do people choose the best available plumber, and how much will the professional services cost? Their fee is only one part of the process when choosing an expert. Before asking for an estimate, people need to consider that reputable plumbers will have the following qualifications and skills.


A college degree is not needed in this industry. But a lot of plumbers learn the trade through trade schools or apprenticeships. Apprentices receive different training plans under the guidance of a master plumber or a journeyman. There is a coursework during this period, and programs usually take at least three years to complete.


These experts are one of the most regulated occupations in the country. Most states need plumbers to be appropriately licensed. Each state has its own licensing requirements, and government agencies that issue licenses differ from state to state. 

To get a license, plumbers need to be experienced, receive active training, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in this industry. A valid license means that professionals also carry state-mandated bonding and insurance. It will make sure that the property is protected against mishaps or any damage incurred during plumbing repairs.

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The professional general liability insurance plan protects the property or the business owner from any liability in case the plumber accidentally damages any part of the property or injures themselves while doing the job. Before hiring a service provider, homeowners need to check out their proof of insurance. All plumbing experts should have enough liability insurance plans to cover accidents that may happen while on the property. 

Some property insurance plans will cover problems if the damage is caused by unexpected and sudden water damage from broken pipes or other water pipe malfunctions. But most of these insurance plans exclude gradual damages, like constant and slow leaks, as well as damages because of regional flooding.

Journeyperson versus non-journeyperson

Journeypeople are expert craftspeople that have completed the apprenticeship and passed the necessary licensure examination needed by the state. These people also carry an occupational license card. Non-journey individuals are apprentices who are still in training or plumbers that have not obtained a state license.

Master plumbers

These experts work for five consistent years as a journeyperson, have additional education and training, as well as take another examination to receive the certification. Master plumber tests make sure that state and federal regulations, building codes, as well as advanced plumbing skills, are adequately mastered. 

The accreditation does take a lot of money, time, and energy, but it also makes sure that they are highly qualified to do different plumbing jobs. These professionals do charge more per hour since they have advanced skills and may be worth the additional cost for the intricate job that needs a skillful hand.

Choosing a reputable plumbing expert

Although most experts like those from Lynn’s plumbing in Winnipeg can take care of the repair, homeowners need to find one that is best suited for the job and pretty reliable. Here are some helpful tips when choosing a good plumber:

  • Check estimates and reviews from other property owners in the area
  • Research the service provider or individual on the Better Business Bureau online site
  • Check out their competition. Call other plumbing firms to get free estimates if possible
  • Ask a lot of questions. The more questions homeowners ask, the more knowledge they will get about the job specifics, as well as whether they are getting reasonable quotes
  • Get these estimates in writing. Professional plumbers will allow their customers to review the contract before they agree on the term and condition

Questions to ask a plumber

  • Are they insured and licensed professionals?
  • Do they charge a flat or hourly rate?
  • Can they provide past clients’ references?
  • Are they experienced with this type of job?
  • What are their payment expectations?
  • Can clients have multiple estimates in writing?